Ground Penetrating Radar

Here are some of the applications of Ground Penetrating Radar

  • GPR can determine accurate depth and location of rebar, post tension cables, electrical conduit or plastic lines with in or beneath the concrete slab.
  • GPR can locate piles, beams and other thickness changes in your foundation or slab.
  • GPR can pin point voids or soil disturbances such as buried trenches below the slab.
  • GPR can be used to accurately locate in floor heating lines eliminating costly strikes.
  • GPR is not harmful or destructive and only requires being on one side of the slab. It utilizes high frequency light waves to produce a 3D view in real time of objects or voids within or under a surface.
  • PCD or "Power Cable Detection" mode can be used to see current flow. This function is extremely useful when locating electrical conduit in a busy area.

Structural rebar pre-concrete Percephony Theatre

The core sample photo below shows a void G3TECH located within a concrete slab

Suspended concrete slab core sample showing voids

The core sample photo shows a void G3TECH located within a concrete slab