Sound Monitoring Survey

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G3TECH SK LTD uses instrumentation that fulfills industrial standards and regulatory requirements to measure sound environments. Along with time and date stamped GPS mapping of the area our Sound Monitoring Surveys are a recorded moment in time. There are three types of Sound Monitoring Surveys:


  • Comprehensive Monitoring Surveys are used to determine regulatory compliance. Depending on the environment, operating conditions and particular regulations in affect for the location and length of time required a survey will be designed. The gathered sound levels will be compared with the permissable sound levels and outlined in a detailed report.


  • Ambient Sound Surveys are used to document the sound environment of an area generally with no existing industrial presence. Surveys of this type are best described as a snapshot of the sound of an area at a particular moment in time. In some jurisdictions, Ambient Sound Surveys have been used to raise or lower the permissible sound level or to gauge noise impact from future development.


  • Baseline Sound Surveys are used to document the sound environment in areas that already have some industrial presence. It situations where a facility wishes to expand or alter their existing facility, a Baseline Sound Survey can be performed with the results establishing the existing level of noise impact. This survey will assist engineers in designing to meet the sound regulations of the governing jurisdiction.

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