Our Services

  • Ground Penetrating Radar

    GPR can determine accurate depths and location of rebar, post tension cables, electrical conduit or plastic lines within or beneath the concrete slab.

  • Thermal Imaging

    Inspections add an invaluable and necessary dimension to your building diagnostics and preventative maintenance programs.

  • Advanced Line Location

    G3TECH uses industry standard Radio Detection for line locating. We have that ability to locate and determine depths on almost any buried utility.

  • GPS Surveys and Mapping

    When dealing with gas & water mains, investing in utility mapping gives the peace of mind of repairing and replacing utility lines easily and efficiently.


About G3tech

G3Tech was the first to bring Ground Penetrating Radar to the Saskatchewan construction industry in 2007. Since then we have continued to be the provincial leader in applying new and innovative technologies to coincide with non-destructive testing for both the municipal and construction sectors.


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Recent Projects

  • Gordon Oaks

    Engineers and UofS building managers utilized G3TECH’s ground penetrating radar and 3D processing software to conduct a post-construction building analysis at the Gordon Oaks Reb Bear Students Centre.

  • BASF

    G3TECH was asked to confirm the presence of live conduit after an initial survey of a grade concrete pad that was to be cut for equipment installation. Data was gathered of the entire area in the form of 4 – 8’ x 8’ scans.  Grids were stitched together utilizing sensor and software technology.  G3TECH found that what was thought to be live conduit was an anomaly in the rebar pattern. Utilizing sensors and software technology G3TECH was able to assure the contractor that no conduit was present in the area and it was safe to cut and remove.

  • Remai Modern

    G3TECH was contracted to conduct a thermography audit on the new Remai Modern prior to handing it over to the owner. Electrical distribution components were scanned during the survey. The thermal audit was conducted to identify loose connections, overloaded circuits, possible undersized wire, unbalanced loading of three phase devices, and ensure components are operating within design temperatures.  G3TECH provided a 400 + page report to the client for engineer review and analysis. FLIR technologies were utilized to complete this project.  

  • Sunnydale Colony

    G3TECH was contracted to locate and map the Sunnydale Hutterite Colony. All utilities were located then GPS mapped with up to 7cm accuracy, and the client received an interactive KMZ map and training in the use of it. A third party satellite imagery was used initially, and UAV imagery was added later. Sunnydale will be able to use these utility maps for future planning and troubleshooting, safety prior to and during ground disturbance operations, and accurate up to date record keeping. Radio Detection and Trimble technologies were utilized to complete this project.

  • Boge & Boge

    A college in Whitehorse, Yukon, had a 20+ year old suspended concrete slab that developed a 3" sag in one area. G3TECH surveyed the area and was able to confirm rebar patterns, spacing, depth from the surface, slab thickness, and location of beams. With this data, they were able to determine the cause of the floor deviation. G3TECH utilized sensor and software technology, and 3D Voxler processing software to complete this project. They then provided a comprehensive 3D report to the engineering firm.

  • Wright Construction Western Inc.